Tea Tips

At Hella Tea, we suggest that you follow the steeping instructions printed on our packaging for the best tea experience possible. We recommend using a single serving tea infuser for steeping your tea.

General Steeping Information

1. Each type of tea will taste best when steeped in a certain way.

For example, green tea does not like to be steeped in the same manner as black tea and white tea methods are different again. Understanding these differences is the first step to obtaining delicious results from your tea.

2. Use enough leaf

A delicious cup of tea begins with using enough leaf. Using less leaf than our recommended amount will give you a weak-tasting cup.

3. Be mindful of the temperature of the water that you are using.

Different teas have optimal temperature requirements and will not yield their best flavor when the water is too hot or too cool.

4. Longer steeping time does not yield tastier tea

Each tea and each steeping method has a preferred steeping time. Some teas respond well to only a specific time in the water – other teas have more flexibility for longer steep times.

5. Re-steeping tea

Asian-style tea stepping is designed for steeping certain teas a small teapot or tea vessel multiple times. Western-style steeping uses a large teapot and the tea gives up most of its flavor in one steeping (with some reasonable exceptions).The difference in flavor, body and depth of tea stepped by these two steeping methods is significant – try both ways and see which you prefer.